IDX Defined

IDX, or Internet Data eXchange, affords MLS Subscribers the option of authorizing display of their active listings on other Subscribers’ Internet websites.

Subscribers’ consent for display of their active listings by other Subscribers pursuant to these rules and regulations must be established in writing. If a Subscriber withholds consent to permit the display of that Subscriber’s listings, that Subscriber may not download or frame the compiled MLS data of other Subscribers.

Participation in IDX is available to all MLS Subscribers engaged in real estate brokerage who consent to display of their listings by other Subscribers. This requirement can be met by maintaining an office or Internet presence from which Subscribers are available to represent real estate sellers or buyers (or both).

In order to become a part of the IDX program, broker subscribers should contact the data center at 412-367-5860.


IDX Agreement

The West Penn Multi-List Internet Data eXchange Licensing Agreement.


IDX Rules & Regulations

In order to print the IDX rules, you must supply a password of ‘WPML’ when prompted.