Key Service Requirements

The new system requires a tremendous amount of paperwork to be submitted to Supra for all transactions, which adds time to the process. Knowing how busy this industry is, we strongly urge all offices to advise anyone coming to our office for any key-related matter to make an appointment by calling 412-367-5860.

There is no simple fix to any problem or service-related item in the new key system. This very complex service requires a significant amount of time to be spent with each key holder regardless of how simple the matter may seem to the key holder.

Requirements to obtain a key are as follows:

 Appointment scheduled with West Penn Multi-List by calling 412-367-5860.

 A New Agent form signed by the manager or broker informing West Penn Multi-List to issue the individual a lock box key.

 A copy of the individual’s license. (To look up a license, visit Pennsylvania’s Online Licensing website.)

 Payment (We do NOT accept cash, money order, or cashiers check)


How to Open an iBox BT or iBox BT LE

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Appointments Required for Key Service

Due to the amount of time now required to issue a key or make changes to current key service, replacements, repairs, and other key related items, appointments are required.

To schedule an appointment, please call 412-367-5860.

If you are having technical issues with your key and it is after hours, please call Supra at 1-877-699-6787.

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Technical Assistance


If you need assistance with your key, please call Supra at 1-877-699-6787.

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